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Human Physiology

Bio Sci E109

Introduces students to the major principles of physiology. 
Professor McHenry teaches this course in the winter quarter and Summer Session 2 in most years. The course is usually also offered for two sections in the fall, one in the spring quarter, and in Summer Session 1.
Prerequisite: (BIO SCI 93 or BIO SCI H93) and CHEM 1C

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Animal Locomotion

Bio Sci E139

Upper-level course on the biomechanics and physiology of animal locomotion. Co-taught with Professor Manny Azizi. Taught every-other year in the spring quarter.
Prerequisite: BIO SCI E109 

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We are members of the Center for Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology, which is within the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
in the School of Biological Sciences, at the University of California, Irvine.

Members of the McHenry Lab have diverse and mutlidisciplinary backgrounds. We frequently seek to recruit members from the undergrad, grad student, and postdoctoral levels and are always interested in hearing from biologists, physicists, engineers, and anyone else who is excited about animal locomotion. Contact us.

Mailing address:
321 Steinhaus Hall
Dept. of Ecology & Evolution
Irvine CA 92697, USA